Well tried and always beautiful, you can see wood-design here.
Many may look back well amused to their childhood’s dream.
Still today children are happy when they get pretty wooden toys.

Who is not pleased about cash - our savings boxes can be very
helpful in this context. The Hippo for example wiggles his tail
while the elephant moves his trunk.

We offer 1A quality from European woods. The high quality leather
connection between the wood parts and the special wheel connection
on the axis and the exact first-class finish are only some product
fineness which justifies our high pirce.

We hope you enjoy our website

JANOSCHIK wood-play-design
Ivan Vanecko

PS: The products VEVA are a symbol of high quality wooden construction kits, which can enrich the market with the products of wood. They support the development of motoric, logical thinking and creativity of child. Nowadays there are 2 systems of wooden construction kits on the market , GRINGO and BRICO in different sizes and modifications. They will be improved and bring a joy, fun and satisfaction for children of different age and interest.


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